5 Types of Insurance You Should Have This Winter

5 Types of Insurance You Should Have This Winter

Winter storms can last for hours and sometimes even days. And that’s only one risk you need to worry about when winter rolls around. As the temperature drops, the roads and walkways become icy, snow builds up on the roof, and pipes freeze. So, it’s important to be prepared for it all by having the right types of insurance in the winter. Here are just a few additional coverage options we recommend that you have to keep you and your family safe and secure.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

Two coverages that are must-haves come winter is comprehensive and collision insurance. Unlike liability insurance, these coverages protect your car from any property damage. So in the event that your car slides on ice and hits a tree or another car, you’re covered. You’ll also be protected in the event that your car is damaged by large hail or a falling tree branch. 

Cottage Insurance

If you have a family cottage, be sure to arrange for the proper insurance for your home away from home this winter. Cottage insurance can take care of any costs in the event that a winter storm occurs, if there is damage from animals trying to move in, or if property collapses due to snow load. Otherwise, you could have to pay for these unexpected costs out of your own pocket.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

If you work from home or have a brick and mortar operation, you also need protection in the event that someone injures themselves on your property. A simple slip n’ fall on an icy walkway or even indoors on a wet surface can leave you with a lawsuit on your hands. Even if you regularly shovel the snow and salt the walkways, you should still carry commercial general liability insurance in case you are found liable for an injury or property damage to a third party.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

If you love snowmobiling in the wintertime, you should consider adding it to your car insurance policy or purchasing recreational vehicle insurance. This will protect you in the event of property damage or bodily harm caused to others when out on your snowmobile. It will also cover damage to your snowmobile if you get in an accident and cover any loss or damages caused by theft, fire, and vandalism. 

Protect yourself from all the winter risks with a full range of insurance products. Contact us at MLS Insurance, and we’ll show you how to bundle all your policies together to get the protection you need all year round.

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