Busting out the Oldsmobile? Get Antique Vehicle Insurance First

Busting out the Oldsmobile? Get Antique Vehicle Insurance First

With spring around the corner, it’s just about time to take out your classic antique car for a ride. But hold up! Before you go busting out the Oldsmobile, we recommend you get antique vehicle insurance first. This important coverage plan ensures that your beautiful antique is fully protected in the event of an unfortunate accident. To find out more about this insurance and how you can find the right insurer, below we explore everything you need to know to safeguard your classic car properly.

What Counts as an Antique Car?

Before you purchase, you should always check with your insurance broker to see if your car is actually considered an ‘antique.’ Different insurance companies will have different requirements. So what is an antique to one, might not be to another. Your broker can help you find the right coverage for your car.

How Does the Insurance Work?

Your insurance provider will determine the value of your vehicle at the time of the meeting. This will take into account the collectable value and the hours you spent working on it. This number will be what you will receive in case your antique is damaged or stolen. The insurer will also look at how many miles you drive each year and how you use the car – if it’s used once a year for car shows or taken out all summer long. The insurance policy will then be based on what you need for coverage to fit your situation.

What Will Be the Requirements?

Alongside the low premium costs, there will also be some requirements that the insurer will put in place that you will be required to follow. This can include rules around limited kilometres, having a healthy driving record, proper and safe storage, and a percentage of original parts.

Is It Expensive?

Antique insurance is less expensive than normal insurance. However, the insured amount is often significantly higher than a regular car’s value. That means that if you have it placed on your regular auto policy, you’re paying too much and you won’t get as much money back if it’s involved in an accident. Antique insurance is the most affordable way to cover your classic vehicle.

How to Find the Best Insurer?

At MLS, our brokerage team will ensure you find the best insurer for your vehicle. We will help you find a plan that has the best terms and rates for your needs.

When you want to save money and protect your antique vehicle, you need antique car insurance. At MLS insurance, our brokerage will help you find the best savings and coverage available for your antique car. Click here for a free quote now!

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