All You Need to Know About Car Insurance When Moving Provinces

All You Need to Know About Car Insurance When Moving Provinces

Having active car insurance with sufficient coverage is essential, but what happens when you decide to move to another province in Canada? As it happens, requirements will change depending on which one you move to, and there are also a few steps you’ll need to take care of in advance. Today, let’s walk you through these prerequisites. Provincial Vehicle Insurance Requirements Let’s start things off by quickly listing the mandatory coverage elements required in each province. Some share the same requirements, as you’ll see below, which makes moving easier:


Accident benefits

Civil liability

Personal injury and property damage

Ontario / Newfoundland & Labrador / Prince Edward Island

Property damage (direct compensation) Third-party liability Uninsured vehicle protection Accident benefits

Nova Scotia

Property damage (direct compensation) Hit-and-run protection Accident benefits Third-party liability Uninsured vehicle protection

British Columbia

Inverse liability Third-party liability Uninsured vehicle protection Hit-and-run protection Accident benefits


Accident benefits Third-party liability


Personal injury and property damage Third-party liability


Third-party liability Personal injury Complete peril coverage (typically comprehensive and/or collision policies)

Car Insurance Tips for Moving Out-of-Province

Obtain a Claims Experience Letter and Driver’s Abstract Before Moving The claims letter is essential as it provides a thorough background of your insurance history. It’s required to ensure an insurance transition to a new province where you have no established claims experience. The driver’s abstract should always be obtained as soon as possible in advance of moving, never afterwards, as your new provider will likely ask for it.

Always Change Insurance When Changing Provinces

If you’re moving from Ontario out west, for instance, you can’t simply retain your active Ontario-based insurance policy when moving. You’ll need to switch to the one offered by your destination province. Bear this in mind when shopping around as, otherwise, you’ll risk having no active policy where you’re going to be living!

Private vs. Government Insurance

Depending on the province you’re moving to, you may or may not need to obtain specific vehicle insurance from the local government of where you’re headed. You’ll be limited to such options in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia, but not in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, or in the eastern provinces at this time; in any of these, you can choose from private insurance providers.

Choose a Reputable Broker for the Best Pricing

Pairing up with teams like our own at MLS Insurance Brokers gives you access to optimal pricing and policy coverage. At the same time, we ensure you meet all provincial requirements where you’re headed. This reduces financial stress and moving headaches while assuring peace of mind while on the road! Need a hand in figuring out your insurance needs for a future move? Our team is here to help. To learn more or get started, reach out to us today. We’ll happily make your provincial car insurance switch easy, stress-free, and cost-effective.

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