Boating this Month? See us First!

Boating this Month? See us First!

With summer around the corner, now’s the perfect time to take your boat out of storage, give it a proper inspection and get it ready for boating season! But don’t forget to get your boat insurance. Life jackets, ropes, and whistles are not the only safety measures you need to take when out on the water. Without insurance coverage, you’re putting yourself and others at risk if a boat-related mishap or accident arises. So it’s always wise to be proactive, not reactive when boating this month. If you’ve never owned boat insurance before, let us show you why it’s an important policy to have on hand.

Keeps You Financially Afloat

Water is an uncontrollable substance with many hazards that remain hidden below. If you hit a rock or sandbank, you could put your passengers at risk and suffer expensive damages to your boat. With an insurance policy protecting your boat, you can have the coverage you need to pay for the costs and to take care of any medical bills or lawsuits that could occur.

Provides Peace of Mind

Insurance gives policy holder’s true peace of mind in knowing that if anything happens out on the water that they have coverage to protect their property and passengers. When cruising, our clients can sail worry-free knowing that there is financial compensation, emergency assistance, and replacement coverage available in case of any issues.

Coverage for When the Unexpected Happens

Accidents are not the only thing you need coverage for. If your boat is stolen, vandalized, damaged in transit, or becomes victim to fire, or severe weather, our insurance can provide the coverage you need to replace or recover your boat. That means you can get back on the water much sooner and with little out of pocket expenses.

Save More With Discounts

Many policies also come with discounts. You may be able to combine your property and auto insurance into one and save on both or you may be able to receive a better rate if you have advanced safety features onboard.

It saves to put insurance on your boat. At MLS insurance, we’ve helped thousands of people across Eastern Ontario find the best plan to suit their boating needs. We also can help you with your claims and settlements, providing you with full-service insurance for an unbeatable price. Contact us today to find out more about the products we offer or apply here for a free insurance quote today.

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