Getting Insurance Coverage for Ground Water vs. Seepage

Getting Insurance Coverage for Ground Water vs. Seepage

Do you know what your home insurance covers in relation to water damage? Few people do. But if you don’t know exactly what is covered in your policy, you could face out-of-pocket expenses and repairs if a sudden flood occurs. Find out everything you need to know about the type of coverage that is offered in your home insurance for water damage, and which ones you’ll need to add on.

What Is Covered?

Typically, your home insurance policy will cover you for any overflow and discharge water damage to your home. This includes water pipes that freeze and burst, and a ruptured heating system or a sprinkler system that causes water damage. You are also covered for water that leaks from an appliance, pool, aquarium, or public water main.

What Is Not Covered?

If your sewer backs up and floods your basement or water seeps into your basement through cracks in the walls, you are not covered in a typical policy. Basically, any type of overland flooding, above-ground water damage, groundwater damage, seepage, and sewer backups are not typically included in the basic home insurance policy. This also includes accidental water damage caused by ice dams or an overflow of water from roof drains or downspouts. Home insurance also rarely covers water damage that occurs due to a sump pump overflow or water that has entered through an open window. These types of problems require extended coverage.

Getting Insurance Coverage for Ground Water vs Seepage

One add-on that will provide you with the additional protection you need to protect your home in its entirety is the Above Ground Water Damage add-on or expanded coverage. This provides coverage against sudden and accidental water damage caused by rain or snowmelt that enters through the roof or walls, or an open door or window. The groundwater coverage also includes protection in the event of discharge and overflow of water from the gutters and other roofing materials.

If you live near a body of water or area that receives a high amount of annual rainfall, you might also want to consider coverage for below-ground water damage. This add-on can protect you in the event of overland flooding due to rising water levels and surface water that enters your home below ground level. It will also cover damage caused if your sewer backs up or the sump pump overflows.

Water seepage is also not typically covered in your standard policy. This is because water that seeps into your home through poor roofing materials or cracks in the foundation is rarely accidental or sudden, and usually caused by a lack of maintenance and care. Fortunately, homeowners can add a separate rider or endorsement to their policy to cover for this type of damage.

Looking to add on additional riders or endorsements to protect you from flooding. Contact us at MLS Insurance today and we’ll find you the best policies for your specific needs at the best rates.

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