MLS Insurance, Uber, and Intact Insurance — How You’re Protected

MLS Insurance, Uber, and Intact Insurance — How You’re Protected

Are you an Uber driver? If so, it’s essential to have the right insurance coverage to protect you and your passengers when you’re out on the road. Our partner, Intact Insurance, offers coverage options for Uber ridesharing to give you that extra layer of protection to avoid any unexpected complications. Learn more below about this extensive coverage plan that’s designed for your needs.

What is the Uber Plan?

Intact Insurance, in collaboration with Uber, has created the first ever extensive coverage for drivers and passengers who use Uber ridesharing services in Ontario. This includes coverage for those who operate UberX, UberXL, Uber Select, UberHop, UberPool, UberEats, and UberWAV services at no extra cost.

How are You and Your Passengers Protected?

From the moment drivers accept a ride request to the moment the passenger exits the vehicle, you are protected. This special commercial insurance coverage applies to all Uber drivers and their passengers.

How Does It Work?

When you’re using your vehicle for personal use, your primary auto policy covers your vehicle for regular personal risk. Once you turn on the app to accept a trip, your Intact Insurance commercial policy coverage kicks in to provide you with $1M third-party liability coverage and standard accident benefits. Then, from the time you pick up a passenger to when you drop them off at your destination, you’ll receive $2M third party liability insurance and standard accident benefits as well. As long as the driver is available to accept rides, the coverage operates. You can also receive comprehensive collision coverage with a $1000 deductible, payable by drivers if you hold this type of insurance on your personal auto policy for when you’re working.

How Do Drivers Set This Up?

To get started, you can contact us at MLS Insurance to get help on choosing the right plan. One of our brokers will contact your auto insurer to ensure you are adequately protected for non-ridesharing use of the vehicle.

As an Uber driver, you need to make sure that you have coverage for your car and the passengers who ride with you at all times. Even the smallest accident could result in a liability claim. If you’re an Uber driver or thinking about becoming one, talk to one of our insurance brokers today, and we’ll help you get the coverage you need to ensure you’re protected at all times.

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