Protecting Your Personal Belongings

Protecting Your Personal Belongings

Nobody ever wants to have their vehicle stolen, which is why car manufacturers have consistently improved their security systems over the years. However, a car alarm might help to protect your vehicle from theft, but it won’t always protect your personal belongings that get left inside. Follow these tips below on how you can start protecting your personal belongings and avoid becoming a target for car thieves.

Don’t Leave Valuables in the Car

Smash and grabs are more common in Canada than you think. Don’t give thieves a reason to break into your car by leaving valuables in the cup holder or on the back seat. If you have to keep valuables inside, put them in the trunk or store them safely in the glove compartment where they are out of sight.

Keep Personal Belongings in a Safe Area

Never put your keys on a table in a public restaurant or even on your desk at the office. Even throwing your keys on the table near a window of your home can make it easy for someone to snatch them up and steal your vehicle. Instead, keep them in a safe area where they are not easily accessible or on view.

Don’t Leave Your Keys in the Ignition

Even if you’re just running into the store or your house quickly, you should never leave your keys in the ignition. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to jump in and steal your vehicle, along with everything in it.

Roll Up the Windows

Don’t forget to roll up the windows completely when you exit your vehicle. You don’t want to give any incentives for your vehicle to become a target.

Park Your Vehicle in a Garage

You can protect your vehicle by keeping it parked and locked in the garage. If you don’t have a garage and need to park it outside, install a motion sensor fixture that will light up if someone comes near the vehicle. A security camera might also be worth installing if break-ins are common in your area.

Arm Your Vehicle With Insurance

The best way to safeguard your personal belongings is to have the right insurance coverage that will protect not only your vehicle from damage but also your valuables in case they ever get stolen. Contact us at MLS Insurance to find out how you can keep all your belongings properly protected with the right auto insurance policy.

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