What Types of Vehicle Insurance Do I Need?

What Types of Vehicle Insurance Do I Need?

Getting auto insurance for your car or truck is a given, but did you know there are several other vehicles that also require insurance? If you just upgraded your summer toys this year to include a new boat, ATV, RV camper or antique vehicle, don’t forget to insure those too. In some provinces, insurance is mandatory, but even when it’s not, insurance is your best protection from liability claims and having to pay out of pocket for damages and losses. Learn more about the different types of vehicle insurance you may need and why.


Your home away from home needs protection too. Recreational vehicle insurance will go above and beyond the coverages offered by your auto and property insurance to cover damages and losses to the vehicle itself and the contents inside. Some RV insurance policies will also reimburse you for emergency vacation expenses so that you can continue your vacation if your RV is uninhabitable. Let one of our insurance experts find the proper RV insurance policy to protect both you and your assets.


If you plan to take your ATV off your property, by law, it must be insured in Ontario. We can help you find affordable protection that will protect you financially from a range of risks, including fire, collision and theft, as well as coverage for injury and death. ATV insurance will also protect you financially if you injure someone else or cause damage to another’s vehicle or property.  With ATV insurance, if anything unexpected happens, you’ll be prepared. 


With all that open water, it’s hard to imagine why you would ever need collision insurance for your boat, but you’d be surprised how many mishaps happen every year. Boat insurance will protect you from a range of incidents including accidents, fire damage, vandalism and theft. Some policies will even cover the rental of a similar boat so you don’t miss out on the rest of the season. Whether you have a jet ski, motorboat, pontoon, or sailboat, one of our insurance brokers can help you find the coverage you need.

Antique Car

You might only show it off a couple of times a year, but you should still have insurance for your antique car. It holds a lot of value, but depreciation will seriously impact its overall value. That’s why you need specialized insurance.  If it breaks down, is stolen or is damaged in storage, insurance will kick in to protect you and provide a replacement value to pay out the total loss. 


Did you check to make sure your motorcycle was covered under your current auto policy? You should never assume it is automatically included. At MLS Insurance, we’ll make sure you have the right coverage to protect you when cruising on your bike.

Contact us today and we’ll make sure you have the right insurance policies in place to cover all of your vehicles.

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