Why Choose a Broker for Your Insurance Needs?

Why Choose a Broker for Your Insurance Needs?

Would you look at only one house or car before you purchase? Of course not. You would shop around to try and find the best product for your needs and to get the best deal possible. Well, the same should happen for your insurance. By choosing a broker for your insurance needs, you get more choice, which means better products with coverage that’s suited to your requirements.

They Work For You

An insurance broker is independent. That means they do not work for the insurance company – they work for you. It’s a broker’s job to find the best policies for your needs. Even when it comes to filing claims, they’re on your side to help you get the best return possible. And in the event of a dispute, they will act as your advocate with your insurer to help you settle on your terms.

More Options

When you use an insurance broker, you get more choices and coverage options. They also have access to a wide network, so if they don’t offer something you need, they can easily find it for you. A broker can shop the market for you to find the most competitive pricing and comprehensive policies.

Advice You Can Trust

When you put your insurance needs in the hands of a broker, you can feel rest assured that you will be given advice that you can trust. Insurance brokers are licensed and highly-skilled professionals. They always exhibit professionalism and follow a code of ethics to provide you with superior service.

Personalized Service

Your needs are unique, so a cookie-cutter approach won’t give you the best coverage for your needs. That’s why we take the time to learn what is most important to you. We help to uncover what you truly need and find you the best coverage at the most affordable prices for your situation.

Market Knowledge

Many insurance companies only know the details about their brand. They won’t be doing competitive analysis on a daily basis as an insurance broker will. Brokers are aware of all the discounts offered by companies and the best prices on any given day. They track the market so they can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate info.

When you’re ready to make a more informed decision about your insurance needs, see us at MLS Insurance. Our brokerage service has 70 years of combined experience providing families across Eastern Ontario with the advice they need to acquire the best rates and coverage possible. To get started with our group, contact us today or apply online for a free quote!

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