Do I Need Separate Insurance for My Snowmobile?

Do I Need Separate Insurance for My Snowmobile?

Do you have the right insurance for your snowmobile? If you own a snowmobile or are considering buying one, it’s important to understand what is required by law. Beyond registering it with the Ministry of Transportation, getting your motorized snow-vehicle operator’s license, and getting a validation sticker on your registration decal, you’ll also need to insure it before driving it off your property. Find out here whether or not you need separate insurance for your snowmobile.

Types of Insurance

Snowmobile insurance is normally a specialty insurance product. You often have to purchase it as a stand-alone insurance policy that is separate from your auto policy. In some cases, you may be able to add it to combine it with your home and auto policies. Insuring your snowmobile with the same provider as your home and auto insurance can often save you money when bundling insurance products. You might be also eligible for other discounts such as aligned renewal dates, single deductibles, and additional liability coverage. But you won’t know what the best option is until you talk to an insurance broker who can review all your options and show you the best rate.

Minimum Coverages Required By Law

You are required to have insurance if you plan to drive the snowmobile off the private property in which you live. The insurance will need to include four minimal coverages:

  • Third-Party Liability coverage is required to protect you in the event that you are sued for any injuries or damage to another person’s property. The minimum liability coverage you are required to hold in Ontario is $200,000.  
  • Direct Compensation – Property Damage (DCPD) will pay for any damage to your vehicle and any of the contents if the other driver is at fault. 
  • Statutory accident benefits coverage will provide medical care, and income replacement if you are injured, as well as death benefits if you pass away in an accident. 
  • Uninsured Automobile Coverage will cover any damage to your vehicle that is caused by an uninsured driver up to $25,000. It can also provide compensation in the event that you are injured or killed by an unidentified or uninsured driver.

Optional Coverages

It’s important to remember that no two insurance policies are alike. The insurance you have might not offer you enough for your use and lifestyle. If you need more coverage you can also buy increased accident benefits, higher liability limits, as well as extra coverages to protect you from theft, loss of fire, collision, falling through ice, and more. 

Finding the Right Insurance

Don’t just settle for whatever policy your current provider offers you. Talk to one of our insurance brokers today to help you find the right policy for the type of snowmobile you have and your lifestyle. We have access to a wide range of lenders and can ensure that you get the best rate or bundle possible. Contact us today!

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