Important Insurance Types You Should Have During Summer


With summer just around the corner, now’s the time to make sure you have all the insurance coverage you need to fit your active lifestyle. So before you head out on the boat, or travelling, consider all the essential insurance types you should have during the summer, first.

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Boating this Month? See us First!

With summer around the corner, now’s the perfect time to take your boat out of storage, give it a proper inspection and get it ready for boating season! But don’t forget to get your boat insurance. Life jackets, ropes, and whistles are not the only safety measures you need to take when out on the water. Without insurance coverage, you’re putting yourself and others at risk if a boat-related mishap or accident arises. So it’s always wise to be proactive, not reactive when boating this month. If you’ve never owned boat insurance before, let us show you why it’s an important policy to have on hand.

It saves to put insurance on your boat. At MLS insurance, we’ve helped thousands of people across Eastern Ontario find the best plan to suit their boating needs.

Why You Need Good Tenant Insurance


Did you know that as a tenant you’re legally responsible for any damages that you cause to the building, even if it’s an accident? You’re also liable for any harm that is caused to others who visit your property. This means that if your microwave starts a fire and damages your rental, or if someone slips and falls in your apartment and hurts themselves, or if the roof fails in a storm and your belongings are destroyed – you pay. Considering the low costs of purchasing tenant insurance, we think it’s more of a necessity than an option. If you’re not convinced, check out these reasons why you need good tenant insurance when renting.

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Why Work With a Family-Run Brokerage


When it comes to choosing an insurance broker, it can often feel like there are too many options to pick from. If you’re not sure whether a corporate insurance brokerage or a family-run operation is best, let us help you decide.  At MLS Insurance, our reputation has been built on providing exceptional insurance services based on real family values. Here’s why we think you should work with a family-run brokerage like our own.

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Why Choose a Broker for Your Insurance Needs?

Why Choose a Broker for Your Insurance Needs?

Would you look at only one house or car before you purchase? Of course not. You would shop around to try and find the best product for your needs and to get the best deal possible. Well, the same should happen for your insurance. By choosing a broker for your insurance needs, you get more choice, which means better products with coverage that’s suited to your requirements.

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  • We came back from London last Thursday night. Our daughter Anna had settled in London now and very anxious about her new school life. I want to thank you for introducing Fred to us for Anna's insurance. He was super helpful (day and night) that made me feel so easy to get things going as we travel.